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50+ Years of Rugby

The University of Georgia Rugby Football Club (UGARFC) was founded in 1967, making it not only the oldest club sport at the university but one of oldest rugby clubs in the Southern United States. 

In the 50 year history of the UGARFC, the team has produced multiple Select Side and Collegiate All American players, sent multiple players overseas to play, participated in tournaments across the U.S. and hosted teams from the far reaches of our continent to Europe and South America. The club is also very proud to have produced a number of active rugby coaches and referees helping spread the word about the positive impact rugby can have on an individual. 

Fostering athletic development, fitness and achievement, forging camaraderie, good will and fellowship and forming new relationships, social connections and life-long friendships, The UGARFC has always been a welcoming and inclusive organization with members from wide backgrounds possessing an array of personalities and beliefs. 

The University of Georgia Rugby Football Club Alumni Association is made up of all former UGARFC players and is the primary channel for financial, organizational and networking support of the current team. The UGARFCAA continues the effort of fellowship forged through the playing days of each member and provides an environment for alumni to keep up with team activities, celebrate club milestones and socialize as a larger group. The UGARFCAA hosts several fundraising events each year to benefit the student athletes and is fully committed to the growth and development of the UGARFC. 

UGA Rugby Football Club

UGA Rugby Football Club

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