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Players - Need to Know

This page gives a rundown of the various requirements of being a UGA Rugby club member.

Eligibility & UGA Rec Sports

UGA Rugby operates as a club sport under the UGA Rec Sports umbrella, and is therefore subject to the rules detailed in the Club Sports Handbook.   In addition, all collegiate rugby in the United States is governed by USA Rugby's college eligibility rules.    A few key takeaways:

  • Players must be active, FULL-TIME UGA students,

  • Players have a total of 5 years of eligibility, which expire 7 years from their high school graduation.

  • Players must sign the Rec Sports Competitive Sports Waiver (on the UGA Involvement Network) before being allowed to practice.

All club sports are subject to Rec Sports' Administrative Compliance Program (ACP), which includes things like community volunteerism and CPR certifications.  Greater compliance means higher ACP points, which are critical for various perks, including selection of  desired practice days/times (as multiple clubs are competing for the limited resource of field time).  All members are expected to participate as much as they can.

SCRC, USA Rugby, and NCR

UGA Rugby is a member of the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference (or SCRC).   As such, we are bound by the rules and guidelines set forth by the SCRC, and we must register with a national governing body (USA Rugby or NCR).   Membership under either provides our club, coaches, and players with additional levels of accident and liability insurance coverage.

For the 2022-2023 season, UGA Rugby has elected to register with NCR.  As such, to be eligible to play in competitive, league-sanctioned rugby matches or tournaments (A-side), players must register themselves with NCR (, and pay the annual registration fee ($30 in 2022). 

Club Dues

Like all club sports at UGA, dues are required to pay for our expenses, including but not limited to:  field rental, equipment, referees, trainers, and social events.   We also receive support from our alumni, and  may do fundraising as needed, to keep dues as low as possible.  


New members are not expected to pay dues until they've committed to playing, which can be decided after their first match.  Dues should be paid directly to the club Treasurer.

Fall 2022 dues:  $175 

Spring 2023 dues:  TBC


NOTE:  The last thing we want is for money to be the primary reason you can't participate.  If financial challenges are a key concern for you, please talk to the coaches or officers.   There are many options that we can explore, and we're confident we can figure out a win-win solution - discreetly of course.


Generally speaking, rugby requires very little equipment.  The team will provide jerseys for our matches, but there are a few pieces of gear you'll need:  

- cleats:  This is your #1 purchase.  Rugby-specific cleats are great, especially if you're in the tight 5 - but soccer cleats will also do just fine.  Other types of cleats (such as baseball or football) are not allowed.

- a mouthpiece:  you are technically allowed to play without one, but we do NOT recommend doing so.  Wearing a mouthpiece is much less painful and costly than replacing your teeth.

- rugby shorts:  you will need a pair of real rugby shorts - anything else will tear.  Check with the officers or coaches to see if we have any team shorts to sell (typically around $20).

- rugby or soccer socks:  yes, you can play without long socks, but we recommend against it unless you don't like the skin on your legs.  Most players find socks well worth the $6 investment.  


- a scrum cap: certain players (such as locks/second rows) wear a scrum cap to help protect their ears during scrums.  Other players who are particularly concerned about concussions may choose to wear them as well. 

- a practice jersey: having a rugby jersey to practice in can be helpful, especially if you're in the forward pack, so that you can do proper binding when we practice scrummaging.  Normal t-shirts will most likely tear.

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