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Established in 1967, the University of Georgia Rugby Football Club is the oldest club sport on campus. Every season, we welcome student-athletes of all skill levels. Experience is never needed. For students who are new to the game, we will teach you the proper way to play. For all students who wish to play rugby, the UGARFC promises to provide a safe and healthy environment where life skills like leadership, drive, and a competitive spirit are nurtured. We are proud to be the ruggers of the Georgia RFC. 

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Scholarship Information


Every academic year, the UGARFC Alumni Association offers up to five $1,000 scholarships, to maximize the club's ability to recruit and retain talent who embody the spirit and core values of the UGARFC, and will play a key part in our success.  These scholarships can be combined or divided as deemed necessary, have the potential for being renewed for up to four years, and are available for all active rugby club members and incoming freshmen.  For more information about our scholarships, please email our Director of Recruiting. 

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