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DAWGBAC Comes to Athens

Last year the UGARFCAA announced a new partnership with west coast rugby powerhouse Old Mission Beach Athletic Club (OMBAC). The joint venture, called DAWGBAC, was deisgned to quickly accomplish 2 main objectives:

1) Immediately improve the quality of the club's on the field leadership.

2) Inspire and nurture a more competitive culture throughout our club.

Spearheaded by Ryan Brenny, phase 1 launched last summer. During a trip to San Diego, our club captains were allowed to expeirence OMABC's competitive culture first hand. Both trained with the team as they prepared for a 15's playoff run, participated in their highly competitive 7's pre-season workouts, and spent time with OMBAC alumni and coaches from all levels of international rugby.

Between training sessions, both Obum Imonugo and Joey McClane, received individual coaching from USA Rugby 7's legend Jason Raven and helped current USA Rugby High School All-American coach Scott Bracken prepare his team for an upcoming match. After the two week business trip, both captains received offers to join OMBAC. During the fall season, their new found confidence helped lead the team on the field and during tough trainings.

This week, phase two of DAWGBAC begins with a full slate of activity in Athens. Thursday, Jason Raven is leading a planning and strategy session with our current coach Scott Littlejohn. Thursday night, Jason will be running a team training geared to help instill a more aggressive style of 7's play. Friday, members of our alumni board and Jason will meet to discuss OMBAC's success off the field and in the boardroom. Saturday night, Jason will be our guest of honor at the club's holiday party where he will deliver a quick overview of the DAWGBAC program to the group. If you attend the party, please welcome Jason as a newest member of Dawg Nation.

By all accounts, OMBAC is very proud to be partnered with the UGARFC. West coast Dawgs close to the program have confirmed, the leadership at OMBAC is very excited about the future of this program. The momentum behind the DAWGBAC program is growing and we'd like to say "thank you" to members that are making donations to help support our program.

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