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Fellow UGA ruggers, friends, and family,

As promised your UGA Rugby Board has waited until the fourth quarter to start our fund raising campaign. We hope to have a three month campaign to close out the year and provide tax free donation opportunities for each of you to finish 2018.

It is critical to the growth of UGA Rugby that we provide the resources necessary to help the current club. Financial resources for club sports are very limited. It is up to each of us, our friends, and our family to provide the financial resources necessary to be competitive in SCRC Rugby. It’s time for all of us to help grow the sport that we love so much. It’s time to COMMIT!

What will your tax free 509(a)(2) donation be used for?

  1. Scholarships: The current board has approved two scholarships to qualified candidates to date. We would like to expand this program. Kentucky, Clemson, South Carolina, and others are offering scholarship opportunities. And guess what? Their clubs win.

  2. Coaching: The board has approved a stipend for our new coach to travel each week to Athens from Atlanta and take the time to train our team. Our goal is to expand our coaching staff.

  3. Travel: The board has provided dollars to offset transportation and hotel accommodations for the club.

  4. Equipment: The board provides jersey’s, balls, tape, etc. to help the current club.

In order for UGA Rugby to return to the top of the SCRC it will take an active effort from EVERYONE associated with the club. We can’t continue to grow without the financial support from long lost alumni, friends (post on social media, you never know who will contribute), and family (I know the current club members parents want to help out!). We simply can’t continue having the same generous people contribute each year. There is no way we can reach the top of the SCRC without everyone contributing. It’s time to COMMIT TO UGA RUGBY!!!

Get creative. Find old friends. Ask your company to match funds (it’s tax deductible!). Post on social media. Invest just a little bit of time. We got this!

It’s very easy to COMMIT! Simply go this site and hit the donate button:

You can set up a monthly payment plan or donate a set amount. It’s your call. Mailing instructions are also included.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 over the three month period. I believe we can collectively reach this goal if we all invest just a little bit of time and effort. There are well over 600 rugby alumni not to mention friends, family, and supporters. We are the oldest club sport on campus. Now is the time. Commit to UGA Rugby.

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