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Fall Fundraising Is On!

Fall is in the air and the weather is cooling off ....somewhere up north....we guess. While October in Georgia is best known for football, fall color and the World Series, for the UGARFCAA, October means it's time for our annual fall fundraising campaign.

Led by Andy Curl, this fall's fundraising effort is built around driving 100% participation. With the revamped website, larger scholarships and a new Head Coach, donating has never been easier or more important.

In 2018, we launched this new site, started the DAWGBAC program to develop on the field leadership, purchased new kit for the club, extended our brand by traveling to new regional tournaments, signed a Head Coach and so much more. All made possible by your generosity. Let's make 2019 even better!

If you've never donated before, take the time right now to learn more about the program, our scholarships, the new head coach and the alumni board by exploring the website.

If you feel moved to participate, please hit the link below!

Here's information about how to give and how the club is set up

Thank you again and Go Dawgs!

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