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New Look for the Rugby Dawgs

While preparing for Auburn this week, the members of the UGA Rugby Football Club received a very special delivery - a gift from the Alumni.

According to renowned graphic designer and all around bon vivvant, Dan Rabun, the Alumni Association has been working "tirelessly and in secret" to provide the club with a new set of game jerseys. According to Rabun "today's student-athlete likes to have multiple look unis and they love to celebrate the history of their teams. The team I assembled for this project consisted of hyper-creative and over caffeinated artists, designers, architects, and a glassware salesmen all hell bent on achieving greatness. Rabun added "we wanted to create more than just a shirt, we wanted this project to help unify the alumni, recruit new players, and celebrate the culture of the club.....and I believe we accomplished all of the that".

The project team was led by Rabun and included natural creative talents of Glen Walters. Everyone on this project worked with members of the current team, the University and the manufacturer to ensure the project would be a huge success for the club and the University. We appreciate every one that donated to make this possible.

At the end of the project, they delivered not one, but two sets of jerseys to the club. One set aside for games in Athens and the other reserved for matches on the road.

Glen Walters described the new look as a "mash up of the very best of everything great the UGA RFC stands for and we will surely be the class of the SCRC this season." Walters went on to say "I never lost to Auburn and I can't recall a time when the club ever lost to Auburn. They wore boxer shorts under their game shorts. We should win every game we ever play against Auburn." We checked into his claim and confirmed, based on available records and eyewitness accounts, everything Walters said was 100% true.

The Rugby Dawgs will be premiering the red and black version of the jersey today when they take on Auburn in Alabama. Thanks to every member of the UGARFCAA for your support! Your donations are working to build a brighter future for the entire club! Please join our fall fundraising campaign today!



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