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Donald Fredrick Oliver 1954-2018

Gracious in life and dignified in death.

On May 18, Fred Oliver passed away, the way we all want to go, in a warm bed surrounded by family. Fred was a great player, teammate, coach and alum. He was a distinguished man, a farmer, outdoorsman, a state representative, judge and attorney for the Walker County Commission. He worked tirelessly to to conserve and protect the waterways and trails of Walker County. Last October, he earned the distinction of Lifetime Member of our club. He is survived by his wife of 35 years, Helen, and children, Wyatt and Savannah, and grandson Lincoln. Fred was a badass.

A member of UGARFC and Chattanooga RFC. Fred also coached the UGA women's rugby club. By all accounts, Fred was a great person, a driven competitor and he will be missed..... but his spirit will always be within the fabric of our club.

Donald "Fred" Oliver


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