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Dawgs End Spring on a High Note

Earlier this month, the Dawgs welcomed App State to Athens then promptly delivered a Classic City beat down leaving Yosef battered, confused and calling for his pappy's "corn squeez'ins" in the parking lot.

By all accounts, the Dawgs came to play. Both the forwards and the backline produced points early and multiple players scored tries from all phases of the game. The Man of the Match was Tim Mercado, a Junior from Brookwood High School in Lilburn. Great Job Tim!

The Dawgs scored 33 to App State's 7. Way to end the season on a high note!

Now, hit the books, crush those final exams and then go directly to the weight room!

The Fall season is right around the corner.

Have a great summer!

Final Score 33-7

Go Dawgs!

Man of the Match

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