Tropical 7s Results

The state of Florida wasn't very friendly to our Dawgs during Easter weekend. During our first appearance at Orlando's Tropical 7s Tournament, we handed Florida International a 14-10 loss to finish just above them in 5th place in a 6 team division. Not a great showing for the club but we gained much needed experience leading into this weekend's SCRC 7s Tournament in Knoxville. Here are the results on the weekend:

South Carolina 33


Trent University 49


Missouri 22

UGA 12

Brock University 39


Florida International 15

UGA 19

Consolation Game

Florida International 10

UGA 14

Brock University (Canada ) went on to win the Mens Elite Division with South Carolina in a distant second place. You can watch the Dawgs playing Missouri, Trent and USC right now!

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