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The results are in and we have two new UGARFC Alumni Association Board members.

But before we announce the new guys, let's take a minute to thank the two guys rolling off the board. Board President, Eric Fournier and Member at Large Dave Pratt are going to be missed! The club and alumni would like to say a (Trump Voice) YEEEEEWGE "THANK YOU" to both of you for your constant hard work and dedication to the club's progress.

Eric and Dave helped usher the club over the 50th Anniversary threshold and because of their leadership, we're poised to have an even better next 50!!

Enjoy your last St. Patty's Tournament as a board member!!!

Now, on to the newbies. The "winnerss" of the election are: 4 time USA Rugby All American, Robb Young and club consigliere Jason Voyles. Congrats to you both!

The new board members are ready to begin their orientation. DYK? Before new board members assume their seats, they are flown to the jungles of Central America and dropped off Naked and Afraid style then forced to work their way to an extraction point of the club's choosing. That's Fake News....they actually get a toll free conference call number and a password.

Thanks to all the candidates. All three of you were incredibly qualified!

The vote had to be close.

Go Dawgs!

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