The UGARFC is so special because of a great group of people. We're always looking for new members and experience playing rugby is never necessary. We immediately welcome people from all walks of life to join the club. Our promise to every student athlete is the UGARFC Alumni Association will provide the structure,  financial support, coaching and human resources needed to compete for a national championship. In return, we ask that our club members maintain good standing with the University, follow the club's rules and represent the UGARFC with respect and dignity at all times. 


Current UGA Students 

All current UGA students in good standing with the University are eligible to play for the club. Previous experience is never necessary. If you are interested in playing rugby for UGA, please contact our Club President via email. Thank you for your interest in the UGARFC. 


High School Rugby Players 

High school players and incoming freshmen with experience playing the game are encouraged to reach out to our Director of Recruiting via email and we will add you to our recruiting program immediately. Thank you for your interest in the UGARFC. 


High School Rugby Coaches 

If you are the coach of a player that you feel would be a great fit for the UGARFC, please contact our Director of Recruiting via email. If you would like to visit the club or speak to our Head Coach, please make the request in your email and we will set up a time and day! Thank you for your interest in the UGARFC. 

Don't forget to click the "Go Dawgs"! 

Scholarship Information

The UGARFC Alumni Association awards a scholarship every academic year to the club members that embody the spirit and core values of the UGARFC. Our Alumni Association is the foundation of the club and each year they fund up to five $1,000 scholarships. These renewable scholarships can be combined or divided to maximize the club's ability to attract, recruit and sign the very best student-athletes available. The scholarships have a lifespan of four years and are available for all active rugby club members and incoming freshmen. 

If you would like information about our open scholarships, please email the Director of Recruiting. 

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