Founded in 1967, The University of Georgia Rugby Football Club is the oldest club sport at the University of Georgia. For 50 years, the UGARFC has been at the forefront of Southeast American rugby. Throughout our history, we have established a tradition of sportsmanship, academic achievement and athletic excellence. Our members, the coaching staff and the vast network of UGARFC alumni welcome all student athletes who are looking to join the club. No experience is needed. We are looking for current and prospective students who wish to compete in a physically demanding sport while embodying our core belief that academic excellence fuels the athletic spirit. At our club, everyone is welcome.

The Club


The UGARFC is dedicated to teaching and developing players of all experience levels to play and compete in both 15 man and 7 man rugby. We are a 100% collegiate team. During our season we compete within the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference (SCRC). Each season we play what looks like a traditional SEC football schedule, culminating in a large league-wide tournament to determine which 4 SCRC programs will be featured on NBC and ESPNU's coverage of the collegiate rugby national championship tournament. Right now, our club goal is to be one of the 4 teams competing in this tournament. 

What UGARFC offers: 

  • A player-led environment focused on player development and growth on and off the field. 

  • A competitive, team-oriented culture designed to foster a connection between the player & the game.

  • The opportunity to represent one of the oldest and most successful rugby clubs in the southeast.

  • To compete in the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference and beyond. 

  • A vast national and international network of active and engaged UGARFC Alumni. 

  • The deep interpersonal bonds and true camaraderie that can only come from playing rugby at UGA.

  • A safe, team centric, social environment free from harmful initiation rituals and hazing. 

Fifteens Rugby (15's)


The most traditional form of rugby, our fifteens season typically begins in the Fall with team training starting in late summer. Historically, our fifteen-man teams have been highly competitive around the Southeastern Conference. Our coaching staff remains committed to coaching and carrying on the traditions that built the UGARFC. If a player enjoys playing fifteens, the UGARFC is a great place to continue to develop a cohesive style of team-oriented play while honing individual skills.


If you are interested in playing rugby for UGA, please send us an email and we'll add you to our recruiting program. 

Sevens Rugby (7's)


The newest form of Rugby, seven person rugby features shorter and faster games. Sevens matches have more long, break away runs, abbreviated scrums and big open field tackles giving it more mass appeal with American audiences. This mass appeal is making seven's the most marketable way to introduce rugby to a new global audience. There's no better example of the success of marketing sevens than the recent addition of sevens rugby to the Summer Olympic Games.

At UGA, we are committed to building our 7's program and our common goal is to compete in the Collegiate Rugby National Championship Tournament. If you are a competitive student-athlete and enjoy playing 7's, we are looking to build our program and begin a new legacy around your passion for the game.





The Club's pre-season / fall season practice begins as we return to Athens from summer break and continues through the fall until we all take a break to celebrate the holidays with our families. 


The Club's pre-season / spring season practice begins as we return from holiday break and continues until we break for summer. 

During the summer and the holiday break, we encourage our student-athletes to continue to train on their own. Typically, this is a time for them to begin to branch out and practice with the men's club in their hometown. Student Athletes that stay in Athens during the summer can continue to train at our field with our coaching staff. 

We practice on Tuesday & Thursday under the lights. 

Practice currently begins at 7:30 pm and ends at 9:30 pm.


This is the field where we have our practices and we host the majority of our home games. 

UGA RFC Pitch 

University of Georgia Intramural Field #1 

110 Lake Herrick Drive 

Athens, Georgia 30602 



Alternative Pitch


Occasionally, the club may need to utilize an alternative practice or game field. 

The field is located in a park is called Sandy Creek Park. 

UGA RFC Alternative Pitch 

Sandy Creek Park 

400 Bob Holman Road

Athens, Georgia 30607




We are actively recruiting student-athletes of all ages and experience levels. Potential players DO NOT need rugby experience to join the club. Our coaches, our club leadership and the alumni association are well drilled in the art of teaching the fundamentals of rugby to student athletes of all ages. Our club's orientation to the game is carefully monitored by our coaching staff and everything we do revolves around personal safety. 


We encourage incoming freshmen and new players to connect with our coaching staff in the off season to ensure our new players get linked to our off season training program, the rules of international rugby and our player handbook before they show up for their first practice. 


If a player would like to join the club during the season, welcome! As a club we will do our best to get every new player oriented to the game and ready to play! New players will only take the field when the club leadership feels that player is fully prepared for the demands of the game. 

If you are a student-athlete and would like to enter our recruiting program, send us an email.


Welcome to the UGARFC and GO DAWGS! 


We look forward to speaking to you! GO DAWGS!

Supporting UGA Rugby

Supporting the UGARFC has never been easier.

Please contact our Director of Fundraising  Andy Curl


We are grateful for the Alumni, the many families of our players and our corporate donors who, through their generosity, fully fund the UGARFC. Without their continued support, we would not have the incredible facility, the equipment and the ability to aggressively recruit as we play all over the United States. We offer a huge "Thank You" to our many supporters. 

Please be sure to check with your workplace. Many corporations offer matching programs to reward the generosity of their employees. You can find details about the tax status of our club by clicking this link

From our players, their families and the University of Georgia Club Sports program, we thank you for your support. 


Contact UGARFC 


If you are interested in connecting with the UGARFC, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email and we will be quick respond to your request.


Thank you for your interest in our club and Go Dawgs! 


Head Coach

Cameron Diloreto

571-354-1186 (C)



Club President 

Jamie McClellan

912-663-5247 (C)


 Media Relations

Rob Cleland

678.599.2758 (C)

UGARFC Alumni Board I President 

Ryan Brenny

 Web Master 

Cw. Young 

UGA Recreational Sports 

As a recognized member of the University of Georgia's Recreational Sports Department, we are guided by the Competitive Sports program.

Recreational Sports

210 Ramsey Student Center

330 River Road

Athens, GA 30602

706.542.5060 I  recsports@uga.edu