As a club sport at the University of Georgia, the team receives minimal financial assistance, and relies on a combination of player dues and fundraising efforts for simple operational expenses. The club also shares field space with other club sports, and is at the mercy of the University for use of these facilities. One of the primary goals of the UGA Rugby Alumni Association is to support the UGA Rugby team's success through financial support. We have established multiple fundraising options, all which are listed below, to provide our supporters with options that fit their desired impact. Please feel free to decide which options(s) you would like to contribute to, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Option 1) UGA Rugby Alumni Association Fund

To facilitate strategic goals which may require larger capital investments, the UGARAA has set up its own legal entity. The RUGBY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF UGA, INC. is a non-profit public charity with TAX-EXEMPT status, under Section 509(a)(2) of the IRS code, which means DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! In compliance with IRS disclosure regulations, here is a link to our Form 1023 (exempt status application).

Donations to this registered corporation are 100% controlled by the UGA Rugby Alumni Board of Directors, and can be allocated for immediate use or for long-term goals. These may include a dedicated field and clubhouse, player scholarships and development, recruitment, coaching, equipment, travel and other expenses to improve play and build a better rugby program at UGA. Note that these funds are not subject to any approved-use restrictions by the University of Georgia.

We are currently working on a program of pre-defined donor levels, which will include details on what the money will be spent on as well as what our donors will receive in return. Stay tuned!

To Donate to the UGA Rugby Alumni Fund:
Contribute via Paypal

Donate via Check

Make the check payable to: UGARFAA Mail to: Rod Wright 284 McWhorter Dr. Athens, Ga. 30606


Option 2) The UGA Rugby Club Endowed Fund

a.k.a. the UGA Arch Fund or the UGA Foundation


This is a fund that is managed by the University of Georgia. The club does not have any access to the principal funds, but the team receives approximately 4% of the annual balance as spendable income each year. This annual stipend is guaranteed by the University in perpetuity (i.e. forever), providing a stable source of supplemental income for the club. Current Principal Balance: Approx $25,000 Current Annual Stipend: Approx $1,000 Donations to the Endowed Fund are tax deductible, and tax documentation is mailed to all donors directly by the University.

To donate to the Endowed Fund:

Please visit the UGA Give Site and search for "Rugby". The fund number is 71084003  


Option 3) UGA Rugby Discretionary Fund


This is a way to donate funds for immediate use by the team. Like the Arch Fund, this account is also managed by the University, but the club has direct access to all funds, as long as they are for University-approved purposes (such as training gear, equipment, referees, etc.). Donations are tax deductible, and tax documentation is mailed to all donors directly by the University.
To donate to the UGA Rugby Discretionary Fund: Please click donate to UGA Rugby Discretionary Fund