Other Events

Below are a list of the major events that the UGA Rugby brethren generally congregates for.

UGA Rugby Alumni Weekend

Alumni weekends are dedicated to strengthening the bonds between current players and alumni, and to get everybody on the same page with the club's goals and how everybody can help to achieve htem.

Who: All alumni and current players
When: every year - specific dates vary depending on schedules
Where: Athens, GA

St. Patrick's Day Rugby Tournament (Savannah, GA)

As long as most of us can remember, the annual St. Patrick's Day Rugby Tournament has been an annual tradition. This is a full weekend of rugby and socializing. On the pitch, we get to compete against other clubs from all over the United States (as well as abroad). The older, heavier, and wilier alumni usually field a team in one of the old boys brackets (as the Blind Pigs), and the younger flat-bellied alumni usually field a team in the Open Social division (as the Piglets).

Off the pitch, we gather as brothers and enjoy food and drink and stories. The Blind Pigs traditionally stay on Tybee Island, and the Piglets usually stay closer to the action in Savannah, but we always make a point to get together for a group social.

Who: All alumni and current players are encouraged to participate
When: every year, on or near St. Patrick's Day, which is usually early- to mid-March.
Where: Savannah, GA

Rugby Ball

Rugby Ball is an annual tradition, usually held in the Spring or early Summer, where players and alumni gather to relax in an outdoor setting. Typical activities include camping, dodgeball, wiffle ball, pig roasting, and last but not least, the annual awards ceremony.

UGA Rugby Holiday Party

The holiday party is traditionally hosted by the UGA Rugby team, and provides a chance to celebrate the holidays with the UGA Rugby family.