All former UGA Rugby players are automatically recognized as UGA Rugby Alumni members. Since the inception of the club, its alumni have gathered both on and off the pitch, for such notable occasions as:
- alumni matches, where the old farts take on the "flat bellies" in friendly matches in Athens, pitting age and cunning versus youth and speed
- Rugby Ball - a weekend-long event where UGA ruggers young and old went camping together, and solidify traditions such as singing rugby songs and doling out of awards
- Christmas/holiday parties
- the annual St. Patrick's Day Tournament in Savannah, from which the Blind Pigs and the Piglets have taken home much hardware and make a name for UGA Rugby

Recently, the alumni gathered and created a more formal organization, with the goal of being better organized to help further build the UGA Rugby program so that it may compete and succeed in the collegiate rugby arena.

Mission Statement

The University of Georgia Rugby Football Club Alumni Association (UGARFCAA) shall unite alumni, friends and sponsors to improve the University of Georgia Rugby Football Club (UGARFC) on and off the field through support, mentoring and guidance, so UGARFC and its players may reach their potential.

A Brief History

In 1967, a group of people came together in pursuit of athletic competition, social bonding and lasting fellowship by forming the University of Georgia Rugby Football Club (UGARFC). In the forty-three years since that distinguished year, the UGARFC has operated continuously while following its founding principles and convictions. It stands as the oldest club sport associated with the University of Georgia.

In 1986, a group of former UGARFC players, coaches and supporters came together to continue their rugby careers, deepen their established camaraderie and foster the further development of the UGARFC. This group established itself as The Blind Pigs Rugby Sporting Club (BPRSC) and claimed international notoriety for its inspired rugby play and social achievement. In the early 2000s, other UGARFC alumni and supporters came together playing competitive rugby and adhering to the social energy established by the BPRSC. In homage to the BPRSC and to continue the connection to the UGARFC, this group became the Piglets, and enjoyed tremendous success both on and off the pitch while providing an avenue for younger UGARFC graduates to stay connected to the alumni.

Moving Forward

In recognition of changing times, evolving University policy and the desire to give back to the game and the group that has given so much to us, the alumni leadership decided to make a change. In 2011, leaders from the Blind Pigs and the Piglets came together to officially form the UGA Rugby Alumni Association as a legal entity. This was done so that we could better coordinate our efforts to support the UGARFC. As part of this change, the organization put together a set of official bylaws and elected a Board of Directors.

We have received approval for tax-exempt status from the IRS, as a public charity under Section 509(a)(2). In compliance with IRS disclosure regulations, here is a link to our Form 1023 (exempt status application).

With this organization, we will be able to establish a solidified, lasting, top tier organization to grow the game of rugby, provide support to our membership, to assist the rugger/student of the University of Georgia, and to turn UGA Rugby into a successful rugby program.